Need of a new logo or just want a redesign… is a website that provides you with the chance of getting various stuff made for as less as 5 dollars. It really easy and it even have their own app. at least for the iPhone.

You can search for what you want, select how much you want to spend. You can even sign up as developer if you want to make some money by creating stuff for other people.

I gave it a shot, the other day as i was looking for a new design for my logo.
I found something i liked, provided the developer with information like company name, color and tagline. I spend 20 dollars, as i wanted the new logo as vector file as well.

12 Hours later i received a notification on the app, and the developer had sent me 4 suggestions on my wish. I could then pick one and provide information on any changes i wanted. So inside 24 Hours i had my new logo

Theilmann logo

It was so easy and a nice way of communicating with a stranger. I will recommend others to test this if they need something done. But i would not recommend giving access to your website to a complete stranger, if you want others to make some SEO or Woocommerce setup.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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